Children and Young People’s Council

Do you have a question or a complaint?

The Ararteko Children and Young People’s Council is an advisory, consultative and participatory body. 

Our main role is to advise the Ararteko, particularly on those matters or initiatives that may affect children and young people most directly.

The Council allows us, as subjects of rights and citizens committed to our environment, to speak our mind, for our opinions to be heard and our proposals to reach the decision makers. 


The Council counts 24 members, boys and girls aged 14 to 18 from different cities, towns and villages throughout the Basque Country.

We participate on a voluntary basis and we contribute to the Council our commitment, our willingness to learn from each other, to reflect and to develop together.


We usually meet once a quarter and spend a whole day working on the theme selected for that year. That theme is always related to our rights.

The Ararteko Children and Young People’s Rights Department is a member of the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC), which, in turn, has a network of young people's councils in which we also participate. That is the ENYA (European Network of Young Advisors) project, where we can share our opinions with young people from other European countries.

We also sometimes take part in other initiatives (of local councils, Basque Government, other organisations, etc.), where we contribute our point of view on matters affecting children and young people.